What is Industrial Psychology?

Industrial psychology is also known as organisational psychology – or as I-O psychology. It is one of the many fields of psychology, and deals with issues pertaining to the psychology of the workplace. Furthermore, industrial psychology aims to maximise productivity in working environments, and to tackle matters regarding workers’ mental and physical health. I-O psychologists [...]

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Louw Alberts, psychologist Centurion & Pretoria – Can a psychologist help with workplace trauma?

Any event that a person finds distressing or frightening can cause trauma for that person. Trauma refers to when the individual has difficulty coping or functioning normally after a specific experience or event. Generally, a psychologist can help council a person through the trauma, teaching them coping mechanisms and giving them the support that they [...]

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Will You Talk about Sex during Marriage Counselling?

If you and your partner are thinking about marriage counselling, you might be wondering if, how, and when the topic of sex will come up. Most couples beginning marriage counselling are terrified of the thought of having to talk about their sex lives with a complete stranger. Other couples might be seeking help specifically because [...]

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The difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist

If you have mental health concerns, it is important that you seek help. Knowing whether to see a psychologist or psychiatrist can be tricky, as there are many similarities between the two. However, there are also many differences, so it is important that you know the difference so that you can find a professional who [...]

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What is Psychotherapy Really?

The word ‘psychotherapy’ tends to freak people out, and with little wonder. It conjures images of a dark underground psychiatric ward where patients are locked up and tended to by a sadistic doctor. The thrills of the cinematic industry are to blame for this fictitious image. While it makes a useful show in horror films, [...]

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